Stand with the Job Creators Network to ROCK THE WOKE.

“Wokeness” is seeping into every aspect of American life—notably seizing public schools and America’s institutions of higher learning. Now, the Woke Crowd is trying to hijack capitalism and take control of corporations. Business executives should not be taking a stance on political or social issues that have nothing to do with company operations. Appeasing woke workers and activist enablers does not benefit shareholders or align with the majority of consumers.

To Corporate America:

Corporate boards need to take a stand against the small group of woke activists that are trying to reshape American free enterprise, which historically has created prosperity for the masses. Corporate America has a duty to its shareholders and, in turn, its consumers—not to extreme environmentalism, unhinged social justice, or over-the-top cancel culture.

Companies like Disney and American Express have already fallen for the trap and are paying the price. Don’t follow in their footsteps and let the Woke Crowd poison your boardroom like they’ve already infiltrated our schools. Instead, focus on what you do best: Running a good, profitable business.